Here's a list of presentations I've somehow managed to give!

Generating Earthbound's SNES data from JavaScript

This talk is about generating background images from the SNES RPG Earthbound entirely in client-side JavaScript.

Finally! Trustworthy and Sensible API Documentation with GraphQL

In this talk, I go over my personal experiences writing API documentation for ten years, and why GraphQL's "everything needs documentation" approach is a much needed improvement.

From REST to GraphQL

David Celis and Garen Torikian demonstrate how you can use GraphQL to build your APIs and explain why companies like Shopify, Pinterest, and GitHub are choosing GraphQL.

A Brief History of Rendering Math Online

This talk explores newer sever-side techniques that are fast, secure, and accurate in their transformation of TeX for the web.

How GitHub uses GitHub to Document GitHub

Everyone knows that GitHub is the place to host your project's code. What you may not know is that the same workflow developers use to create, update, and manage their software is also used to create, update, and manage GitHub's documentation.

Documentation and Open Source

A talk I gave at GitHub about documentation in open source projects.