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Week 6: InDesign

For better or worse, this will be quite a short entry!

This week, we spent about three hours in a computer lab with graphic designer Carl Gamble to learn about working with InDesign. I had some familiarity with the software, but I felt a lot more confident after Carl showed us some of the essential techniques for layering, color swatching, and layout.

For the first session, we mocked the Penguin cover for A Clockwork Orange from scratch. After that, we were given free reign to design our own covers for our final book pitch. I spent some time just browsing through covers from a publisher I admire—New Directions—as well as browsing through Strand’s website to see what the covers for new books looked like. In the end, I found a rather sombre image of a man in a city street, with rain or snow in a flurry around him. I messed around with the opacity, but ran out of time finding an appropriate color and font face for the title.

In the end, what I learned is that working with InDesign is actually fairly straightforward. I was able to execute the vision I had rather quickly, albeit imperfectly.