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Week 4: Cover and Text Design

Andrew Kenrick came in ostensibly to talk about cover design to the class, although, given his extensive history in magazine publishing, we tended to focus more on that aspect of the publishing industry, rather than strictly books. Still, it was interesting to hear about how many months of pre-planning goes into producing an issue–a planning runway of something like six months ahead.

Most importantly, Andrew has held a variety of editorial roles, and he broke down for us what some of these positions are responsible for:

  • Production editor: they deal with commissioning artists and writers, and plan how much material is needed per issue.
  • Structural editor: provides sanity checks on the texts received to ensure that there are no glaring errors or issues
  • Assistant editor: anything dealing with text goes through an assistant editor (after the structural editor has signed off) to do the nitty-gritty copy-editing

When it comes to cover design, Andrew mentioned that they pay a designer a flat fee to implement their vision, with about three or so back-and-forth revisions provided.

Lastly, we took a look at Blink Plan, a tool which helps you lay out pages on a magazine.