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“And so I know that certain things which I have pained in words are true and imperishable, and what happened to me the man or to her the woman in actuality, is of little importance. Something felt, something stated – something recorded in truth for eternity, that is what matters. Sometimes in the recording of a bald sexual incident great significance adheres. Sometimes the sexual becomes a writhing, pulsating facade such as we see on Indian temples. Sometimes it is a fresco hidden in a sacred cave where one may sit and contemplate on things of the spirit. There is nothing I can possibly prohibit myself from doing in this realm of sex. It is a world unto itself and a morsel of it may be just as destructive or beneficent as a ton of it. it is a cold fire which burns in us like a sun. It is never dead, even though the sun may become a moon. There are no dead things in the universe – it is only our way of thinking which makes death. When we look to find life we discover it in even the most inanimate object. Even the mineral is now said to possess sensitivity. As for the corpse, does it not distribute itself among the greedy elements of the earth from which it sprang? The sexual life of the corpse – that would be a theme! How the corpse gives itself to nourish and propagate.

If men would stop to think about this great activity which animates the earth and all the heavens, would they give themselves to thoughts of death? Would a man withhold himself in any way if he realized that alive or dead this frenzied activity goes on ceaselessly and remorselessly? If death is nothing, what fear then should we have of sex? The gods came down from above to fornicate with human kind and with animals and trees, with the earth itself. Why are we so particular? Why can we not love – and do all the other things which give us pleasure too? Why can we not give ourselves in all directions at once. What is it we fear? We fear to lose ourselves. And yet, until we lose ourselves here can be no hope of finding ourselves. We are the world, and to enter fully into the world, we must first abandon it. It doesn’t matter what road we take so long as we are giving of ourselves, so long as we are not holding on.”